Massages at Equilibrium are provided by independent practitioners, and are subject to availability. Advance reservation is required, and specific practitioner availability is viewable on our online booking calendar.

Lalita Zatz

Lalita Zatz

Lalita is a certified Access Bars facilitator, integrative massage practitioner, energetic bodyworker, Reiki practitioner, craniosacral practitioner, yoga teacher, new paradigm nutritionist, crystal sound healer, and intuitive facilitator/guide. The body of work Lalita offers is called the Alchemy of Well-Being. Now offering Access Bars Energetic Facelift!

Her massage and energetic bodywork are a phenomenal blend of modalities intuitively and uniquely orchestrated for you. Sessions offer structural integration, mechanical and deeply energetic approaches to bring you to a place of timelessness, thus opening the space for deep healing on many layers of body, mind, and spirit – the perfect accompaniment to a float!

For more information on Lalita, visit

By appointment only, 24-hour notice preferred.

Modalities & Prices

60 Min Massage $100

90 Min Massage $150

60 Min CBD Massage $125

90 Min CBD Massage $175

Access Bars Session $100

60 Min Craniosacral Therapy $120

90 Min Craniosacral Therapy $165

For short-notice bookings (less than 24h in advance), please call Lalita directly at 831-331-3484 to book.

Caleb Armstrong

Caleb Armstrong

Caleb is dedicated to community and individual wellness. His healing work is intuitive and empathetic.

He offers Therapeutic Bodywork and Shamanic Energy Medicine in his practice, Singing Wolves Healing.

Caleb is a Trans Man and an LGBTQIAA ally who strives to offer a safe, sacred space to all bodies and gender identities.

By appointment only, 48-hour notice preferred.

Modalities & Prices

Massage Therapy – Deep Tissue and Trigger Point Therapy

60 min $75

90 min $110

Shamanic Energy Medicine

Earth based Healing with Medicine Stones for Chakra Balancing. Sound Baths with Drums, crystal singing bowls, and voice to facilitate power animal journeys, energetic clearing, and overall rejuvenation.

60 min $75

90 min $110

Massage & Energy Medicine Combo Session

It’s extremely effective to treat the Luminous Energy Field as well as the physical body for optimal healing and Transformation.

90 min $150

Salt water is one of the most powerful tools to assist with energetic clearing, so a relaxing float is highly recommended!

For short-notice bookings (less than 48h in advance), please email Caleb directly at to book.